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Documentary 2016 Money Factory National Geographic 2016

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Documentary 2016 Money Factory National Geographic 2016
Department of the Treasury Search Home U.S Currency 2016
‎Take a Tour ‎How Money is Made ‎US Currency ‎Contact Us 2016
Denoms Above $100 Production Annual History Production – Monthly How Money Is Made Serial Numbers Training & Education 2016
The explanation can be found inside the Bureau of Engraving and Printing the money factory in Fort Worth From a distance 2016


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  1. Think . everbody had all this gold for thousands of years untill the trick of the fed started asking for the trust of the people to take there bills

  2. the US government can print.fake money and borrow to the world and its citizens can't…how sinical..

    hope the Us citizen wakeup and overthrow its government…free themselves from being slaves…

  3. Why do criminals always keep records of there activities? What is it? Do they have some sort of criminal handbook that says you have to keep a log book?

  4. Adding numbers to numbers for example, 10, someone can add two zeros to get 1000. Is this good? That's corruption.

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  6. Oh there stuck like Mike TV and it computer Macintosh word processor and more that's where there stuck up grade those old computers

  7. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned "bank" that creates money out of thin air then loans it to the government & institutions at interest. Make no mistake, biggest scam ever. Anything else they try to tell you is BS, in fact the banksters purposely collapsed the economy to scare everyone to accept it – don't know about you but have seen numerous economic recessions since.


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