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Leonardo's Universe | National Geographic

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Bulent Atalay, himself a scientist and artist, offers a comprehensive look at Leonardo Da Vinci, his work, and the many ways in which this enigmatic genius has influenced our world.
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Leonardo’s Universe | National Geographic

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  1. In the first few minutes, I knew I would walk away dumber from this video.

    He is your fascinating professor in college who had lots of stories, a mish mash of anecdotes and 'studies,' but it's all bundled BS.

    Aside from incorrect information, he is not an author or academic cited by actual experts, which makes him a charlatan and NatGeo should be ashamed. The truth isn't boring, there are hundreds of PhD-led documentaries especially on the BBC that are compelling because they were structured, had flow, and tried their best to showcase facts.

    Of course, these PhD hosts were also guilty of sometimes romanticizing, and rarely, creating fact or history where there wasn't any. But this is just plain horrible; great writers and creators study as well as the greatest surgeons and scientists. The lack of intellectual rigor in the preparation of this talk is evident.

  2. I hate the narrator in this documentry i mean has he any proof da vinci never invented the u handglider cause see most people diss credit famous geniuses such as da vinci

  3. If you look for the main problem in modern civilization is that they admire more than attempt to match something similar level how to present high self-development.

  4. this is a really disjointed talk. obviously a very knowledgable speaker, but he jumps all over the place. this really end up being Leonardo trivia as opposed to a cohesive talk.

  5. A great documentary! Into heritage? Everyone who's interested should check my videos out on my channel. I travel up and down the country in all kinds of weather documenting my trips on Castles, Manor houses, Churches & anything else heritage.


  6. What he ride vrom left to richt is that to make mane curious?
    Becouse some same letters are diverend but some are ecual.
    Ore is it just coinsedent?
    I think he understand plasma becouse somtimes it looks like he understand nano technology.

  7. At 43:25 veladura is not a finger painting
    Veladura is to paint a more thinner layer of paint over a spot of the painting that already dry on the canvas or wood board this gives it a shadow looking style and is done to contrast colors
    And leonardo used his finger in few spots to blend color
    Not for veladura lol dont belive this guy 100%
    He has said some verry bad stuff

  8. There are countless universal truth and countless inventions.
    Many of you can take pride in Indian Scriptures about different sciences BUT
    Leonardo Da Vinci explored through his own journey. He did not check the Indian Sutras.
    Leonardo was a real superhuman.


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