Home Documentary Nature Documentary Cloud s Legacy The Wild Stallion Returns National Geographic

Nature Documentary Cloud s Legacy The Wild Stallion Returns National Geographic

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Nature Documentary Cloud s Legacy The Wild Stallion Returns National Geographic


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  1. I love documentaries but I hate it when they give the animals names and don’t provide information. In some documentaries people tend to give the animals way to many human traits and this one is one of these. I still admire her work though. really beautiful horses and nature shots. Love it!

  2. If Cloud is dead (almost certainly by now, he'd be 24), he lived to a ripe old age of about 20 considering he was a wild stallion. Run with the wind Sir.

  3. It's interesting how Cloud was a normal wild horse, living his life identical to how many other stallions will live theirs. And although he went through a lot, there's thousands of horses who will go through the exact same, and possibly have the same turn out. I find it intriguing how many people find Cloud this extraordinary stallion who was heroic and one of the best to be put on earth, but he lived life the same a lot of wild horses will, and coincidentally got more recognition than the next horse. Ah… perspective…

  4. Jeez “one he will raise that isn’t his blood and the other the spitting image of him who will never know him as his father” wow, this is a reality tv show! Great plot!

  5. How does cloud stay so clean?! He is more clean spending a lifetime out in the wild than my horse who spends just the daylight times in her pasture.

  6. The way Americans romanticize feral "mustangs" pisses me off. I'd much rather see herds of wild bison, not a shrine to genocidal colonization.

  7. To those of you who are wringing your hands about the roundup of the wild horses, they are not native to the area and would damage the delicate ecosystem if their ranks weren't thinned out. Hence, the roundup. It beats shooting them.

  8. Awful if Cloud broke his neck!!😣🐴🐴🐴 did not knw he was that old! I just fd this on utube! Im hooked! I use to hav horses in Delaware! Im in Indianapolis, In. At 62! I wld luv to ride one more x! Plz stop 'KILLING HORSES" for dog food!!!! Awful! There so innisint!! 🐴🐴☺🎥 plz film more in 2019!!………🎥🎥🐴🐴😄

  9. 2019……& still U S goverment doing this s***. When will they learn…….When all the great creatures r gone. Have they not learned anything from history. 😢 Nature……our land & all the beautiful animals r sacred.
    PLZ…..STOP……THINK……Before its 2 late. ✌

  10. Always the hands of the beasts coming in helicopters and intervened in nature and destroy those beautiful horses and all for money like always.

  11. Watching these i realise more and more that us government is the cancer of the wild life in America and more shoking is that the people there doesnt care about anything at all except mcdonalds which is a shame without realizing what a lucky people you are to have such a majestic wild life.You should wake up and something sooner than sorry.Will see.😤🤑🤬


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