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Nish Kumar Stand Up – Live at the BBC

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Nish Kumar – stand up comedy recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre in October 2012 for Radio 4’s “Fresh from the Fringe”, and broadcast on the red button.

“Who is Nish Kumar?” – Live at the Soho Theatre 11th – 13th April 2013

Twitter: @MrNishKumar


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  1. Exactly, its holding British values that make you British, your ethnicity has nothing to do with it. White people from Poland, USA, Australia etc, are far less British then guys like him.

  2. Honestly I’m the biggest fan! I watched you on taskmaster! Now I’m addicted!

    It was the comment with Romesh, brain masla 😂😂😂

  3. Wow, I am impressed by his style and eloquence. He does a type of comedy loaded with truth, that is really uncomfortable to hear for some people.
    I find it admirable that he has chosen to speak what's really on his mind, in Spain I only know of one or two like him. Most people prefer to be less problematic towards power and not lose posible contracts.
    Also thanks to him in the past half hour I have learnt some very interesting English words (curtail and remonstrate) 😀

  4. U have the funniest video's!!!
    I'm like, dude this person's channel is so funny BC I can't stop laughing!!! Lol great job…
    Let's link up
    can I share this?
    what's your social media? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and such?

  5. Less than 20 seconds in and accusing the audience of being racist. You are the racist, you insight racial hatred through your talks, not stand up comedy. I wonder if you would have a career if you could not rely on racist jokes………

  6. Kumar seems to be on every single panel show that exists on television these days & he always seems to win, even on the room 101 series. The bbc and their very conservative all pc contracts no doubt. Didn't he win on QI. Did his team win on mock the week, also he won on would i lie to you. The bbc have their head up their all pc ass. Hey, frank. Nish wins this weeks room 101 episode, okay. Oh'' all right.

  7. +1 for telling a joke that implicitly assumes everyone in the audience knows what a Venn diagram is. (Then again, it was for Radio 4.)

  8. 5 seconds in and, surprise, surprise, he has to remind everyone he's Asian like nobody has a clue or actually gives a toss. Sorry, British Asian. That's like calling yourself Mumbai European. How many people call themselves Mumbai European or Bangladeshi European? Nobody? How strange. Wonder why that could be?


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