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Ancient Egypt History And Mysteries – Full National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD

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  1. Imagine my country at that time was hunting in the jungle while the Egyptians are already building these magnificent architectures 😂

  2. This is actually Mysteries of Egypt from 1998. It's a very enthusing as well as well-made documentary that definetly belongs in the high-quality tier of Ancient Egypt documentaries!
    However! It's worth noting that it's almost a quarter of a century old – and thereby so is also the presented information. So just keep in mind that the events of yesterday' will forever remain unchanged and unchangeable – Our knowledge and perception of them, will not.

    Cheers! and
    Stay safe and Stay 2 meters apart

  3. Thank you, there's something that just feels right about Omar Sharif telling the history of Egypt. You can hear the passion in his voice as he talks about his own grand history.

  4. seeing all the bodies they find at different sites Im pretty sure Egypt was a giant grave yard full of mausoleums big and small. I think it has a lot in common with the Paris catacombs. I bet theres a shit load of dead people under all that sand. Makes me wonder if Egypt had some kinda plague going on at some point.


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