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Covid-19: High Street chemists start vaccinations in England πŸ”΄ @BBC News live – BBC

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Some High Street pharmacies in England will start vaccinating people from priority groups on Thursday, with 200 providing jabs in the next two weeks.

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  4. The background power ordered that the virus be released to the people because they are followers of Satan! They want to be just strong people i.e. slaves! But the Creator God YHVH only leaves alive those who are not corrupted and love. He doesn't need all the people! Even in the time of Noah, all the corrupt filth will be destroyed, for man was as he is now! I'm not afraid because there's nothing to do! The vaccine is sure to cause protection for many people, but that doesn’t mean it will escape the death of the one it has expired. Don’t be over, because I feel sorry for everyone, but I will be honest, Cecilia herself, why not encourage the whole people to ask the Good God at the same time, not to let the tempter close and free him from evil, because that is how to pray. Man was endowed with creative power. (Johsua) that is, as the church named Jesus said ask and be given. Because you don't believe either, that's not what happens. Only the pure soul, and not the body, wins against death. The epidemic is just the beginning!

  5. Take vitamin C, D3, Zinc and A, it can crush covid, go to talk to a holistic DR. Don't take The C vaccine toxic. Stop letting the tv think for you. Those vitamins are booster to your immune system. Also take quality vitamins Like NUTRIGOLD, MEGA FOOD, SOLGAR, and NOW. Those are really good ones. Yes most Holistic DRs are MD..

  6. Supporters did not "storm," the hall. The barricades were removed and they were waved in by the police; even given bottles of water when they entered the building. If you are going to report on American news, get it correct before you open your mouth and sound like a fool, Barbara. If you want to be a reporter, be one. Not some puppet of the media.

  7. I was watching the almost hourly arrivals of airambulances today
    bringing in very sick patients from London hospitals who are full to
    capacity.This is tier jurking to know that the failed decisions of Boris
    Johnson and the failed vaccination programe which started in November
    have accually been killing more people than it would ever saved.

    The criteria for vaccinations was somehow arbitary set in December 2020.
    This was the first vaccination proram which even medical workers had no
    confidence in,vaccination guidence which was unclear about priority
    groups leading to a very slow roll out,wasted vaccines,,chroney,
    Nepertism,and theft for commercial, or political gain.This disaster is
    estimated of cost 3 million lost vaccinations and contributed to the
    deaths we see this week. Complaints from those inside and outside the
    system lead to formal complaints over christmas.

    The second vaccination programe started on 4 th January 2021 aimed at
    the priority Groups of Front line NHS staff,the legally protected Groups
    of the severely disabled and Blind protected by the courts,carers in
    the community and carehome staff. Elderly over eighties continued to
    receive phizer vaccinations under the old.scheme.

    To date it is estimated that the vaccination numbers are as follows.

    Emergency NHS staff have received 59% vaccination rates so far.
    The severely disabled protected group only 17% vacciation rates so far.
    Care home staff have received 12 % vaccination rates so far
    Heath and social care staff only 9% so far but some staff work across
    the sectors.

    The press have pointed out that these priority groups will not be fully
    vaccinated by the second week of February upon the second failed
    programe design. The two people who are failing in this legal programe
    are Boris Johnson and Chris Witty.

    The public and the courts were absolutely horrified when investigative
    journalists found out that the vaccination committee was self
    nominated,did not have a severely disabled representaive, and the
    minutes contained no discussion on how to roll out the severely disabled
    priority groups vaccines in such a short time even though the courts
    had told them to do so.

    The severely disabled blind priority group in under the high court
    primary legislation international treaty protection and deamed to be the
    only legally protected group recognised in UK law to have first access
    to medical care. They currently comprise from a brain damaged child in a
    wheel chair to a blind nursin home resident over eighty. This legally
    protested group cannot be discriminated on age , gender or disability.

    Vacciation criteria therefore do not apply to these 2.7 million people
    in the UK and must only be selected by membership of this legal group,
    must be treated substantiall different according to the high court. The
    failure to do so will be discrimiatory with remedies of injunction,
    fines, imprisonment, cannot hold a medical registration, and removal
    from public office.

    Clearly there is evidence that this has happened and the removal from
    office this week is required.

    The public has had enough of poor decision making, and alledged flouting
    the law. The OHCHR is soo concerned that they have published
    guidelines for this government to strictly adhere to during CV19..
    Clearly solutions would be the request for immediate recitification this
    week,sending an inspector, issuing a injunction for the programe to be
    stopped until such persons are vaccinated, large fines and sanctions
    under the treaty.

    Mr Johnson must resign, Chris Whitty after preciding over a failed set
    of vaccination programes which alledgly discriminated against the very
    persons the NHS is responsible for in contrivention with the law is jaw
    dropping in public office. The vaccination committee mut be sack this
    week and new committee reflecting the existing legal structure put into
    place. Clearly this country cannot put up with any more of this poor
    judgement, discrimination of the most vulnerable in our society. Its
    recognise by the courts in times of crisis the law must be ahered to.
    Its interpreted as another example of the self appointed worried well
    steeling state assets to exclude the most vulnerable in our country.

    This week the criteria for future vaccinations will also change
    according to the metropolitian majors.
    All vaccinations in the future will now be focused on areas with the
    highest infection rates which includes London,the South East, Micheal
    Goves constituency of surrey, and metropolitain areas. They dont see any
    point in vaccination low risk areas when the pandemic is out of control
    in the metropolitain areas and the South East.

    Charities involved have invited the UN inspector to Britain this week.
    Pending the outcome they will be petitioning the court to consider
    criminal prosecutions for those involved in discrimation of this
    vulnerable group, This may involve offenses such as sending letters to
    blind people who would never read them, not appointing advocates or
    providing specialist access to GP surgeries or Pharmacies, starting This
    thursday. GPs are confused that they have received no guidence on this
    priority group which theatens their medical right to practice through
    the GMC. It is clear that Chris Whitty has no decision making power over
    primary legislation. Boris johnson was not given emegeny powers by
    parliment after he tried to perogue parliment in 2016.Nor has Chris
    Whitty applied to the high court for waving primary legislation
    concerning the legally protected group of the severely disabled and
    blind. He is accused of negligence in public office.

    The public has no confidence in Chis Whitty,Vaccination committe and
    Boris Johnson.

    They must resign by Friday.

  8. If the stocks of the Pfizer vaccine are not sufficient to complete the entire vaccination cycle, the health professionals can not administer the second doses using the Moderna vaccine. I have already reported some time ago the FDA implementing prescriptions, according to which β€œthere is no data available on the interchangeability of the Modern COVID-19 vaccine with other COVID-19 vaccines, including the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals who have received one dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine should receive the second dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine to complete the vaccination series.
    Individuals who have received one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should receive a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to complete the vaccination series ”.
    Those who have recklessly decided to vaccinate, or those who have been induced by some social blackmail, are not guinea pigs anyway and have the right to obtain that the medical prescriptions on vaccines are at least respected. If the state has decided to use a vaccine, let it do so according to the rules of the supervisory bodies and not at will. I hope that those concerned expressly ask for compliance with these rules, so as not to add to the already significant risks associated with taking the vaccine, even those due to their subjection to doctors.

  9. Close all borders, ALL borders, restrict travel severely in the U.K. do NOT allow any passenger on any trains unless tested clear! Domestic violence on the rise, because of lock downs, no surprise there,, and I predict a baby boom too, as a direct result of "lock downs"!

  10. Councils had been going house to house to do simple inspections that could have waited to. You trust the high street to vaccinate you? I don’t even trust the vaccine as it’s not been tested under normal guidelines, the companies that developed them signed wavers negating them of any responsibility reference the outcome. No truth, no clarity, we smell a rat. Most likely government with pharma investments pushing it.

  11. Im from the USA and whos to say we all have great testing in the modern ally nations?? I have gotten 5 covid tests so far and to say the least it was easy I just walk in and ask.

  12. Why are the over 80s first inline for the vaccine
    There's plenty of vulnerable parents who in my opinion need the vaccine first as they need to look after their children

  13. The real reason for this shit will show itself soon. That is, China sent the world this virus, to distract kill, get world on its knees. Then try taking Hong Kong back, and Indian borders. With Russia there co pilots. This is what this shit, is really about…

  14. boris has been put into a bind by these dubious scientists.people will always die and next winter many elderly will die again with/of covid having had the vacinne .they have to admit pcr tests are not fit for purpose or invent a new strain to keep gates happy and search for another vaccine.either way we are locked down until the bind is broken…..over to you boris you uselfull idiot

  15. Norway: Deaths after virus jab may be from side effects

    13 of 23 fatalities after Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 shots could be linked to common side effects, says Norwegian agency

    Rabia Δ°clal Turan Β  |15.01.2021


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