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Covid: Millions more braced for tougher rules in England 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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Millions more people in England are expected to be placed under tougher coronavirus restrictions amid escalating case numbers.

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  1. How long can the government get away with destroying the fabric of our society like this!? The numbers they quote are highly manipulated (via the mechanism of undiagnostic according to the developer PCR tests, and the too high cycle threshold the labs choose, to indicate positivity! – it should be a CT of 25 but they run them much higher which produces exponentially growing false positives!)
    The government & SAGE use different statistics interchangeably in order to move the goalposts when it suits them, and as an attempt to justify taking away people's human rights via continual restrictions and lockdowns! This has to be seen for what it is and no longer tolerated by the public.

  2. I was cure from covid with the help of doctor Michael thank you so much doctor Michael for your herbs medicine you sent to me I really appreciate your help thank you 🥰🥰🥳🥳 my joy is back

  3. Actually I believe that humanity must thank Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, for his guidance and guardianship of quarantine and not to move from place to place

  4. All these news companies can kiss my arse because they only tell u want they want to . Real news is cherry picked because ov who it might offend or start somthing off

  5. The so called Covid virus with different form /strains has attacked U.K. with a terrorizing agenda of vigoriously infecting the entire global populace! Or at least, successsfully creating another global panic? Or get hit back like a boomerang and all's ending in a great fiasco!
    However, the Englo-hebru-royalish masterminds are now safer in rat-holes as they are busy minding their own business of systemic manipulations for own financial gains and do not care at all about any other races or nations including the Christians, Jews or Europeans, even the English -where exist their own safe-haven!
    Yes, once again the "unsuspectable, the best spot, homeland of Great Britain with densely all-ethnic-population has been sprayed with laboratory-modified-covid-virus in exactly the same way as the entire world and especially some of the targeted populated areas were vigorously sprayed with Covid-19 during the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 from the sky in the similar methods -how were taken the real pictures of landscapes seen in Google World Map.
     And the longterm purpose is a pure business of making huge money exclusively at the same time causing global virus terror for immediately helping a few small groups such as Bloomberg, royalish, secretive hebruish type other ones sych as Insurance Underwriting etc. and grab the control on world's political power vacuum mechanism once again by filthy, elusive means.
      Examples: Bill Gates is one of the master culprits -who first successfully made easy earnings of billions of dollars from creating so named computer virus (computer signal jamming cookies) and then selling went unchallenged, mainly through British crooks of the so called computer-anti-virus softwares, a nonsense 'so called soft product' without being held responsible by any authority for their defrauding business  practices -which encouged the same elusive group of culprits plot a new evil scheme that involved humanly transmit able flu or anthrax tyoe viruse. Then, tests of human-virus: Ebola was performed in some locations in Africa with satisfactory results -which in a labiratory modified and developed form with a new name: Covid-19 has been tested in recent past on crowded places like Cruise Ships and markets with successful outcome.
     And eventually, at this time in 2020 when the power of Eastern economic strengths accumulated in the brutal hands of Xin.J., V.Putin, and Ruhani, Modi type religiously blind guys in most parts of the world, that shrinking englo-hebruish evil group secretly kept doing the initial phase of heinous job of aerially spraying Covid virus worldwide using wind direction patterns, air flow circulations from higher altitudes on China (Xin.J. was aware), Iran, spain and Italy (unaware) via satelite controlled undetectable space crafts, commercial drone type things, then continues without raising any suspicions of ordinary homeland folks the aerial spraying targeting easily accessible areas like vincinities of "own hometowns of the said group of master culprits" along the coastlines at both sides of Atlantic Ocean such as Gulf of Mexico, English Chennels etc.
     It's certain that unlike Chinese Xin J., Donald Trump was totally unaware of such aerial Covid Spraying job despite the fact of his household advisers being of the same ever-elusive hebruish origin on which application of "the englo-hebruish 'divide secretly and defeat' rule has been absolutely successful at the last minute dismay of Trump.
    For further information dig deeper below:
    Think logically until you are able to realise that this notoriously clever and greedy businessman Bill Gates has long been involved in the Virus-infection-spreading-business along with that moral characterless, small englo-hebruish group (that include ex-NY mayor Rudi Giuliani, ex-potus gw Bush etc. -which were fully involved in free of personal costs -demolishing job of that NY Twin Towers where almost no hebru-speaking but thousands of innocent American were killed) and in current global crises of virus, doubtlessly bg had an active evil hand on the laboratory-production of Covid-19 germs that as of April 2020, are still being sprayed from the sky at higher altitudes on easily accessible homeland areas such as New York (Readers of this informational thought-work should try to be prudently proactive thought-wise with awreness and help generate alert for the unsuspecting fellow citizens and thereby assist in awakening of average global folks, and ordinary ones in all corners of the world and should remain vigilant to mysterious objects like harmless looking pleasure or farming aircrafts, unusual flights, drones, abandoned containers in crowded public places etc. by which the highly secretive jobs of "Covid virus spreading" were done inside Cruiseships, Passerger flights, Public Places in early 2020 and the absence of extra-careful vigilants' eyes such an attempt has again been made just before the arrival of year 2021 when pains of economic hardship from too selfishly planned Brexit deal was due to be felt by all ordinary and poor Britons!

  6. Corona Virus and Announcing The Miracle of Healing Without a Vaccine nor a Medicine

    Imam Nasser Muhammad Al-Yamani
    24 – Rabi al-Thani – 1442 AH
    09 – 12 – 2020 AD
    09:01 am

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    O Leaders of mankind and decision makers among their people, along with everyone that has reached their rectitude among Arab and Non-Arab and among Muslims and Non-Muslims, listen to and reason the ruling that I will give you with the truth; which is the decisive word that is not to be taken for amusement

    I swear by Allah, the One, the Overpowering, that I do not know of any vaccine for you or a cure for what is in the chests from the torment of Allah except that you [humbly] entreat with the following supplication without arrogance towards the caliph of Allah, Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed. And the words for removing the torment of what is within the chests are to humble yourselves to Allah and implore with supplication to Allah the following

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    And after the repentance let each one of them say
    “O Allah I am Your servant, I ask you by virtue of the fact that there is no God but You, and by virtue of the fact of Your Mercy which you have decreed upon Yourself, and by the virtue of the fact of the greatness of Your Pleasure within, which is greater than the pleasure of your heaven, to cure me of the torment of Corona or to turn it away from me as I am a believer in the caller to the truth from You

    O Allah, remove Your torment from us from whichever direction it comes from, so that we follow the path of the truth from You. And strengthen us to fulfil what we have promised you, O you who intervene between a man and his heart, as we only have Your mercy, You have decreed upon Yourself. If You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers. O Allah You have said in the clear Verses of Your book
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    So the Dua'a (supplication) and the repentance is from me, and the response is from You and You do not break Your promise. Exalted You are our Lord, your promise is
    true and you are the Most Merciful

    O Allah Give us the strength to fulfil what we have promised You to follow the global caller to Allah, the caliph of Allah on Earth the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani. O Allah, make the raising of him a blessing upon us and not a misery upon us because of our turning away from the call to the truth of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni”.

    Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni


  7. BBC are traitors to the last evil reporter always putting the EU before the UK. Time this evil company was put out of our misery. even the new years London light show helped by the bbc had to have pro EU sections in it

  8. There you go, “record cases”. Cases means nothing. If you’re tested, then you are counted as a case. What happened about record “deaths”? There isn’t any. It’s all fear and hype.

  9. 習近平擴散武漢肺炎留島不留人真的很努力中共人民人都病逝加火化了2021六月四號民進黨政府直接去中南海接收共產黨割讓的土地XD

  10. Well if your to stupid to follow the guidelines, then your to stupid to know if you don`t, your freedom, will always be on hold. The vast amount of people telling you it`s all fake are probably following the guidelines. Their just trying to be the big man.

  11. What are being represented as a hospitals in Northern Ireland and Scotland are actually two different perspective views of the same place – University College Hospital, London. Its a "critical care unit for Covid patients…set up last weekend in a ward formerly used for patients recovering after major operations." (Hugh Pym, BBC News at 6:00, 31.12). Seen in the background of the New Year's Eve transmission is a typical Covid patient, with both legs in plaster!

  12. During lockdown ambulances were told to drive around at 9 am with their sirens on …why would they do that if it isnt fake?


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