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Covid: UK orders 5m doses of Moderna vaccine, Hancock 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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The UK government’s coronavirus briefing has started, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock at the lectern.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock will lead it and will be joined by Dr Susan Hopkins of Public Health England and Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England.

He says the UK has ordered 5m Moderna vaccines, enough for 2.5m people, which early data suggests is up to 95% effective. But he stresses “we haven’t seen the full safety data” on the vaccine, which won’t be available until spring.

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BBC News Live | Coronavirus Press Conference | UK Government Press Briefing | BBC

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  1. Sign the petition!! Go to google and type! Do not require health and social care workers to take Covid vaccination… passed through government legislation Hancock will require every care worker to vaccinate or lose their jobs!!! NHS Will be next!! Care homes and NHS are already tremendously understaffed! The walk out will affect our elderly and vulnerable. Every UK citizen should make their own choices and have the right to refuse a vaccination that’s still on trial till 2023.

  2. Absolute scum of the highest order, they're all getting rich from Pfizers Wuhan virus and vaccine. The worst thing is, is that the sheep give them strength.

  3. I've been offered it and declined it. As there is a zero liability on these companies and adverse side effects can mean death as well as a massive list of other side effects. I'd rather take the risk with COVID. Who knows what happens in the future people will have babies with Deformatilty or your body could turn Tumorous and you will not have the power to anything about. I'd rather not sign my life away to a untested vaccine which is still in it's clinical trials. I'll Just sit back and watch the show with my perfectly fine immune system which I trust as nature more than man.. Man makes mistakes… More than likely I've already had COVID and not even realised I had it. Do not underestimate power of your immune system.

  4. Canada Does About Face on AstraZeneca Vaccine, Citing Blood Clot Concerns
    After previously defending AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine, Canadian health officials on Monday suspended its use in people 55 and under, pending outcome of a detailed risk-benefit analysis. PS check the VAERS site in the US,,Moderna is the most dangerous !!

  5. This dirty poisonous vaccine killed a friend of mine. She felt unwell after it so went to bed, she awoke feeling worse so she went back to bed at 11pm, but she died in her sleep that same night.

  6. This dirty poisonous vaccine killed a friend of mine. She felt unwell after it so went to bed, she awoke feeling worse so she went back to bed at 11pm, but she died in her sleep that same night.

  7. So the Pfizer vaccine has side effects, costs a bomb and has a use by date of FIVE days, once defrosted. So who will take advantage of those five days! The distribution network? So, by the time it gets to my arm it could be on day SIX.

    Do you feel lucky? Or should we wait for the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine…our Oxford cheap and cheerful one that costs pennies, has a longer shelf life, no freezing -70C and works just as well?

  8. Soon you will have to get tested and have a vaccine if you want certain privileges like eating out, flying, shopping etc.
    You can visit covi-pass,com which will redirect you to Tento as it has been re-branded to seem less like what it is.
    The technology to force people to do as they are told or be refused certain privileges is already in place.
    Lets see how this gets rolled out over the coming months. Bellow is taken from the Tento website.
    1.A Tento Wallet user creates a roaming unique QR code.

    2.A Tento Authenticator scans the QR Code from a safe distance.

    3.A Medical Certificate will be generated outlining the results of the users recent test.

    4.A Tento Authenticator either grants or denies access based on the results

  9. we refuse because we are intelligent and rational enough to know that me and my healthy baby boy do not need a vaccine concoction of chemicals injected into us for the "protection" of a virus with a 97.7% survival rate. it is absolutely preposterous. we refuse because we have researched the medical literature and we know how long vaccines take to trial and to be tested on humans before releasing to the public, and IT IS NOT 11 months but 10-15 YEARS. not to mention NO compensation will be paid due to any irreversible damage occurring in the public. this is pure evil and a threat to our existence, sentience and very way of life.

  10. who would be first sheeps to vaccinated !? and Corona are not seasonal virus then all year virus so possibility are that every person will be vaccinated several times per year

  11. He seems to be a bit confused ? Should he resign or goto jail ?

    The most important requirement of any politions is to comply strickly
    with the law. The high court has ruled with primary legislation,the
    legal priority group after NHS emergency medcine are the severely
    disabled, blind, and their carers in the community who have first legal
    call on government resources according to primary legislation.

    At a time when weak or corrupt politions face a wall of pressure from
    the desperate worried well,commercial or political interests to tip the
    balance of favour to be vaccinated first for person justification

    Its a warning that any polition who fails to adhere to what has been
    decided in high court will go to jail. No ifs or buts when it concerns
    the most vulerable in society.

    Even a polition can understand this clear legal position which is
    written upon the oath of office.

    What he should do is to issue clarity here before he spends the next
    year in jail.

    This is very clear to follow what the law says….

    Outside emergency medcine the severely disabled and blind as defined in
    law have first call on the government resources vaccine flu or CV19 as
    discussed in the summer.

    What he seems very unclear about..

    Once those legally protected groups have been vaccinated flu or CV19, A
    tiered layer of triage may be decided by medical scientfic and
    political views as the triage process comes AFTER the discharge of legal
    liability as a government minister of the sverely disabled blind
    children and adults in te UK. Legal requirements and secondary medical
    triage are different subject matters. First comes dischage of
    primary legislation not politics

    If Mr Hancock is confused in anyway about this legal situation which he
    finds himself in he should resign immediately and face criminal charges.
    It is irrisponsible that the clear question of legal priority on
    vaccines which was set out in the summer should be manipulated by any
    government minister for political gain,these mistakes shold never occur
    in government.

  12. * Took early action to cut off travel from China
    – DEMS accused this as Xenophobia
    Pelosi went to China

    * Built the world’s leading testing system from nothing.
    * Brought in medical cruise ships, coordinated temp hospitals to be built in a matter of days.
    * DEMS needed ventilators and masks, Trump provided all and was dismissed for bragging.
    – 60 Million infected with Swine Flu during Obama/Biden presidency.

    -DEMS focus solely on impeachment while Trump,
    * Provided support to workers, farmers and businesses
    * Enacted mitigation measures to slow the spread
    * Mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies
    * Took action to protect vulnerable Americans
    * Launched effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time.
    * Paved way for reopening to get America working again.

    – DEMS call for xtra long lockdown then blame him for consequences.
    – Kevin O Leary who is not a Trump Supporter but is a world finance expert says the facts are the numbers and Trump's economy is the best even better than the 60's?

    * Confronted China as origin of the virus while Democrats and
    – DEMS and media lashed out calling this racism. Cowardice.
    * In his February 4th State of the Union address, President Trump pledged to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the virus,” while the Democrats’ response made not a single mention of the virus or even the threat of China.

    * Rather than act tyrannical Trump turned over lockdown control to Govenors.
    -DEM Govenors did act tyrannical however.
    – Cuomo placed Covid patients in Seniors lodges killing many.

    Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have attested to the fact that President Trump took action as soon as the data was presented to him.

    In order to secure the supplies needed to confront the surge in coronavirus we faced, President Trump led the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII.

    The President directed his Administration to secure and distribute needed medical supplies to states in need – resulting in billions of PPE delivered so far.

    At the President’s urging, private companies shifted production to supplying masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, testing supplies, and more.

    President Trump has acted under the Defense Production Act more than 30 times to ensure we have the supplies we need.

    When we faced a potentially catastrophic shortage of ventilators, President Trump took action to produce 100,000 ventilators and ensure no patient who needs one goes without a ventilator.

    President Trump moved swiftly to protect vulnerable communities.

    The Administration quickly established guidelines for nursing homes and expanded telehealth opportunities to protect our vulnerable seniors.

    The President took action to ensure that uninsured Americans are able to get the COVID-19 care and testing they need.

    President Trump directed Secretary Carson to focus the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council on underserved communities impacted by COVID-19.

    The Administration is investing approximately $2 billion in community health centers, helping their 28 million patients in medically underserved areas receive the care and testing they need.

    Early in the fight against the virus, President Trump launched a historic effort to develop a vaccine and therapeutics in record time.

    President Trump understood early on that in order to defeat this virus once and for all and protect Americans, we need a vaccine and therapeutics.

    President Trump revolutionized the clinical trial process to ensure Americans get a safe vaccine as quickly as possible, by providing unprecedented investments in leading vaccine candidates to simultaneously produce them as they are tested and developed.

    Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, coronavirus vaccine trials have progressed at record speeds, with multiple candidates already in or near the final stage of clinical trials.

    The President negotiated and launched the Paycheck Protection Program – helping save 51 million American jobs.

    President Trump secured direct payments to help the countless Americans who are hurting due to the pandemic.

    President Trump took executive action to give tax relief to workers, ensure unemployment benefits for those out of work, prevent families from losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure, and provide student debt relief for Americans already hurting due to the virus.

    Understanding the harmful toll a never-ending shutdown would have on our Nation, President Trump provided support to help states safely reopen as soon as they were able.

    As we built out our critical medical supplies, flattened the curve, and rapidly expanded testing, states across the country were able to safely move towards reopening.

    President Trump ensured they had the data and resources to reopen on the correct timeframe.

    As hot spots have emerged, President Trump has surged resources to impacted areas while enabling us to prevent another nationwide shutdown.

    The President has provided support to states facing new emergences of the virus, including surging testing sites, deploying medical personnel, and advising on mitigation strategies.

    While the media and Democrats refuse to do so, President Trump has called out China for its actions to ensure we prevent a similar threat from arising again.

    President Trump has rightly called out China’s handling of the virus for refusing to be transparent and failing to contain the virus before it spread.

    The President held the WHO accountable for its egregious bias towards China that jeopardizes the safety of Americans.

  13. Shut the schools and universities, and save people's lives, its the young who are spreading it, opening them was a big mistake.

  14. Why is the media pushing this.
    Okay Christmas won't be the
    Same. But think about years
    From now no one knows
    Anything about this vacine.
    Don't take it people.


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