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Dr David Nabarro: Society must "learn to live" with coronavirus – BBC HARDtalk

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With nation states across the world struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgent need for an internationally coordinated response. That is where the UN agency the World Health Organisation should have a vital role to play, but right now the WHO is at the centre of a political storm. Donald Trump has withdrawn US funding, accusing the agency of being China-centric. Stephen Sackur speaks to WHO special envoy for Covid-19 David Nabarro. Is his organisation failing its greatest test?


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  1. Oh Bull💩💩!!! CVis a propogandized politicized manufactured virus from CHINA!!! HDQ zinc and vitamin c cure CV!!! Its nothing but the flu.!

  2. The WHO lied. World Health Organization became the World Hell Organization.
    Lets face it, they played the avoidance game with China. What inquiries??? Wuhun is under water and the lab where the virus started is destroyed. China did a good job of it, by releasing waters from the 3 Gorges damn to destroy the city of Wuhun.

  3. We don't need WHO. You can't backtrack. WHO promoted lockdowns, countries listened and have implemented catastrophic laws that are breaking people. Economy is ruined and next year we will end up with a disastrous wave of people entering poverty. To be the mouthpiece pushing the horrific use of an RT-PCR test to qualify cases is a crime. WHO has been hijacked and serves entities that don't have our interests at heart.

  4. Well, I would also praise the way Chinese people dealt with the COVID 19 ! I was here in China 🇨🇳 before the outbreak and I saw how accurate and cooperative Chinese were against the virus unlike other countries! Frankly speaking

  5. We have got to stop this situation, especially this selling of wild animals, this is not realistically good. Also we really need to hear there is a cure for this situation. I am glad there are these more indepth discussions, this situation has caused a lot of fear that is also unhealthy. I have also been smelling weird meat and rotten egg smells, that I think smelt dangerous, and like they are saying, not a joke. I think commenting on this medium and communication has to improve aswell, we need some form of credibility its very odd sending these messages off into a random technological stratosphere. I am doing research on rehabilitation, I don't understand why health and safety isn't drilled at schools? Also, relevant information is difficult to access. I really hope we have more professionals having informed, credible ways of ending this problem.

  6. That's right, we're going to get used to covid-19, like many others that have been over humanity … you don't have to be a doctor to realize that. The mask? a useless accessory. economic crisis? it will be huge … and it was not the covid that caused it but humanity … through the mismanagement of the virus

  7. This BBC interviewer when he asking the question he is not looking at the person is being asked,instead he is reading a printed matter. Wonder what is BBC' standards.

  8. wow, stunned by comments below. It seems like loads of Chinese 50 cents army are so eager whitewashing their incapability and concealment on the COVID-19 that has led the world to the tragedy we're stranded today. Well done China, well done.

    Discrediting the host relieve none of China's crime; the whole world knows that CCP is the one to be blamed, taste the sanction on Huawei and Tiktok. lmfao.

  9. Today, i watch this again. I just want to know how Stephen feel when he watch this again, espacially the part mentioned Trump. 🙂

  10. Congratulations Dr Nabarro! In my opinion the answers given are well grounded and I really advice people listen to this interview.

  11. What deluded fool (2 Peter 2: 1 – 3)!

    Who (world health organisation) is corrupt!

    Another (so call special envoy) satanic covid puppet who speaks his (John 8: 44) native tongue.

    What is so special about "who"? All they (deceivers) have done is financially introduce (evil ideologies) global crisis to eradicate humans from the face of the earth.

    Why can't they (snakes) speak Truth to the world?

    These (John 3: 19 – 20) are the satanic clowns (mask wearers) who whitewash evidence in order to fool the public.

    There is always a hidden satanic connection to behavioural propaganda science!

    Be warned people!

  12. here he goes again!the ‘extremely biased’ journalist who holds ‘hard to talk’🤓I think the reason BBC still keeps his position against so much criticism from the audience is that they want to keep the public attention,that is all

  13. VIA WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reported (20 January 2020)
    On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia

    unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. From

    31 December 2019 through 3 January 2020, a total of 44 case-patients with pneumonia of

    unknown etiology were reported to WHO by the national authorities in China. During this

    reported period, the causal agent was not identified.

  14. Before the pandemic covid-19 started to affect people, they were busy talking about politics about society, about communalism, and many other issues were addressed, but not the biological body that each one of us possesses.

    But now we have started to talk about our immune system, and the need to strengthen our body. Now we have started to understand herbs and the self healing quality of our body.
    Now we have started to to understand the divine intervention and blessings that work for our body, and mind but we do not let it take place because our own psychological, mental, spiritual and emotional toxicity.

    So among the several pros that were brought into our lives along with the covid-19 situation, one is that we have started to take care of our body and putting in efforts to know how it functions.

    Thankfully we have drifted from many undesirable topics and moved towards our own emotional, psychological, and biological betterment.
    Mansi Arora ( mona) from india

  15. I had seen this interview twice on TV. And today I felt to watch it again, and had the chance to read through some of the interesting comments. The professional capacities and integrity that I felt about Dr Nabarro continues to reverberate in mind WEEKS UPON WEEKS.

  16. some1 plz tell me the fear of the virus is cause its infectious or deadly ??I am seeing so many asymptomatic cases around me i dont understand what to make of the pandemic🙄 .This whole interview was to give us reasons to cont. trustin WHO ???

  17. I have to honestly say I will comment but after listening to the whole program and the suggestions of our representative to the WHO there is one pill of science behind anything he says we think that everyone should wear a face mask show me the sites he has contradicted himself as a member of the WHO and its representatives PS what a load of rubbish the general bin in gentleman been interviewed should be put on permanent lockdown with all the politicians…

  18. After seeing this a month after it was released I can honestly say that the BBC should be questions one on it’s Professionalism for journalism as I have never Heard so much BS in all my life the government were advised on the 19th of March that the virus was no more than a deadly flu and will affect old people with underlying illnesses it is absolutely disgusting and absurd that the BBC are still portraying this a month later it is unbelievable scaring society and our country into believing that we even had to lock down and destroy jobs economy everything people have built up for years BBC you are rubbish your channel along with your license fee should be disbanded because you think people in the real world are somewhat stupid and don’t know what’s going on !!! 🤬🤬🤬

  19. Is this a program run by the UK? or Stephen is here to talk for Trump or the US? He seems unqualified as a interviewer, not just shows in this interview. Consider to replace him with a more qualified one, BBC!

  20. You lokdown a entire globe population, because a virus,now an other economic crisis is on the road,why?,who is going to win in this crisis?

  21. That is why I said it would be good if BOTH sides should debate on the matter, bring out their proofs and statistics. It would be great if such an interview or discussion can be conducted.

  22. we c;early see the absolute danger of idiots and liars. trump fails to act.. then blames his nearest bogey man. hes been poking at china for ages.. he blames them for everything that is his own systems fault.. but has the power to start ww3..is it not time to require that we only have politicians who have had an education????

  23. Stephen, I Love Hard Talk ! To be honest, you starting to sound just like the rest of the media ! Which I find terribly disappointing. Your guest is a very smart gentleman, and won’t give you the answers you looking for , but what he knows! Please don’t lower your standards. You one of the very few real journalists left !!

  24. When people saying something that you may don't like to hear, you just can't wait to interrupt them, this very rude and arrogant

  25. 24 May 2020 total deaths in Yemen as per WHO dashboard 40confirmed cases 216.October 2018 85,000 children died of Starvation in Yemen.I am not watching any more of this crap.


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