gordon lightfoot canadian railroad trilogy live in concert bbc 1972


    one of lightfoot best



    1. The producer should have shown some shots of Red's magic on this one. Also notice Gord's Twitter logo on his vest. Very prescient.

    2. Awesome song. Considering the socialist government in Canada I wonder how many people think as about their free ride on the backs of those railroad workers. Just like Europe and I pray a purge happens before it's reality in my country, the greatest country on earth.

    3. The structure of this song is beyond amazing. So grateful I've heard it live several times, and it slayed me every time.

    4. Such an incredibly emotional and Great Canadian song and songwriter, which it makes it hard to believe that our country could produce the other end of the scale as in, careful not to gag, Justin Bieber hahaha

    5. I can never listen to this without crying. My great grandfather came from Ulster and was one of the Navvies sung about here, My grandfather retired as one of the last steam engineers in the country, my father rose to the rank of Vp, and I worked 6 summers on the railroad, the last 2 as a navvie. My country and my family wrapped into one great song

    6. I am 64 years old. I have listened to and liked a lot of music in my life. Everything from The Temptations to Led Zeppelin. Gordon Lightfoot is still the most talented singer/songwriter I have ever heard. I also love the gorgeous backup instrumental work. Truly beautiful and amazing!

    7. Hate to break it to Gordy and the minorities but the Paleo White Europeans were here first. You lose again damnit.


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