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LA92 Panel – Live | National Geographic

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As a companion to the documentary LA 92, National Geographic convenes a diverse, influential panel for an evening of reflection, discussion and action on ending systemic racism in America.

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  1. I remember this. The cops being acquitted was beyond insulting. The brutal, senseless beating was the first evidence of them being out of control. The courts that acquitted the officers was the second evidence o the government not being reliable. This combined caused the uproar of riots throughout the USA.

  2. The American public is highly underexposed to World Wide Racist Brutality. We are a Blessed Nation in that we can Stand up and Cause Change. At least for now. Socialism will END even the opportunity to Cause Change.

  3. Oh my god… I felt so bad about these people that definately injustice is done with them…I always have sympathy about these people….but on the other side I am totally devasted by the violence.. It makes me sad…
    But ofcourse "Black Lives Matter"

  4. Watching reel film like this it's eye opener. Why america is the example of "racial discrimenation in the world.. so BAD and so WRONG 😭😭 😠


  5. history repeat itself..and seems no one learned a lesson from the past…It makes me question why? and why? no one learned the mistake before…I hope this year they will make it right…Praying for PEACE.

  6. I wonder if we had the same surveillance in 1992? If people would riot and protest in different states/ countries. Cause this didnt make world wide news. But Floyd has been world wide

  7. This is a powerful film and also a very powerful discussion. Well done to the directors and the panel speakers for g out these things…

  8. National Geographic team you all are just great… I am very interested in science and your shows like brain games and Do or Die are very informative.I just wanted to tell that some shows are not shown completely on YouTube for example if you take the do or die show.. you will see that, the whole episode is not being shown..so I request you all to show the whole episode and their outcomes and the Science behind them.

  9. We are all humans! We are have a colour of skin, but! We are living in the world, the world for all peoples!

  10. Where were the police when the Koreans needed help? Oh, they were protecting Beverly Hills? Such discrimination! I guess it's time to put our 2nd Amendment to use.

  11. It will never stop its sad but african americans will never be equal this will happen to my grandkids and there grandkids


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