Lori – Abbey Road live on BBC


    Lori (Loredana Margineanu)

    Abbey Road single by Lori is available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play!

    Lori performs Abbey Road of Johnny Murray live on BBC Introducing…

    Genre: R&B/Soul.
    Music & Lyrics: Johnny Murray.
    Vocals: Lori.
    Backing vocals: Johnny Murray.
    iOS Arrangement, Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Johnny Murray.
    Copyrights: BBC Introducing & Johnny Murray Production 2014.

    Johnny Murray have the distinction of being the first iOS music producer on BBC with a track produced exclusively on iPad.
    Johnny Murray is an innovative composer, songwriter, iOS music producer and sound designer based in the UK. Working in the Electronic, Pop, Rock, RnB, Soul, and Dramatic genres, all of his song arrangements, recording, mixing, and mastering are amazingly done on an iPad. Johnny’s work is sustained by the remarkable female vocalist Lori, whose singing ability spans effortlessly from Musical Theatre and Operatic styles to contemporary Pop and Rock. From heartfelt ballads to soulful, groovy jams, their radio-ready songs are sure to impress.

    ‘Lori is an extremely able and talented singer. Her background and previous teaching plus her own understanding have enabled her to acquire a high standard and a very large vocal range – already at 3 octaves.
    This means that her singing can go in a variety of styles and directions, ranging from musical theatre and operatic to pop and rock.
    There is great facility in the voice and her enthusiasm and hard work should bring her fulfilment in which ever area she chooses to work.
    Her natural voice lies high in register and the task now is to extend the range into the lower register which will give her further options when performing soul and rock/pop repertoire.’

    Janet Edwards – vocal coach




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