Home Documentary National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – Wildlife of Australia

National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – Wildlife of Australia

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National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD – Wildlife of Australia – The Predators of Tropical Waters And Land
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  1. Ok so this was a National geographic documentary but ¨Mon Documentary¨ has chopped pieces out of the original documentary and made it a crappy documentary just so it would be shorter. Is it just me, or is this documentary just copyright? It literally has the National Geographic symbol right at the top right of the screen… But it hasn't stopped me from watching this documentary because I love Australia and want to learn more. Ok I watched more and it just got worse, I wouldn't recommend it at all and i`ll say ¨go find another documentary about Australia done by real professionals and maybe National Geographic is the way to go ¨. But that's just me, also where did camels even come from? I think it would've been explained at one of the cut bits.

  2. I loved Australia since i was in kindergarten. I am 14 now, and i STILL love Australia ❤️i wish that they could recover from the fire🔥

  3. Where are all the missing species & entire ecosystems, due to raging 2020 wildfires? California currently is burning to ash in the same manner in same year. These shots are similar to a nature PBS show released many years ago.

  4. Disjointed! Would have been a great documentary if someone hadn't chopped pieces out of what was obviously a longer video and then stuck them clumsily together.


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