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National Geographic Documentary – Monster Crocodile [New Documentary HD 2017]


National Geographic Documentary – Monster Crocodile [New Documentary HD 2017]

A crocodile is a large amphibious reptile. It lives mostly in large tropical rivers, where it is an ambush predator. One species, the Australian saltie, also travels in coastal salt water. In very dry climates, crocodiles may aestivate and sleep out the dry season.
Crocodiles live in rivers, lakes and dams in parts of America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Some of the crocodiles from Australia live in salt water. These saltwater crocodiles are normally bigger than the ones that live in fresh water. While crocodiles spend most of their time in water, they can come out and move around on the land. Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater: they breathe air, just like people. They can hold their breath for a maximum of about two hours underwater.

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  1. "Virtually Indestructible.." Yeah right.. Just raise the temperature a bit and see how destructible these animals are. I hate this excessive hyperbole that some shows indulge in

  2. The Great Barrier Reef is also wiped out. White tide is completely killing our oceans. It’s a crazy time to be living. We are seeing the beginning of the end.

  3. Cukuplh tuhan saja yg tahu apa yg ada dihatiku ini…….rindu pada yg tiada ingini nyatakan lagi kerana penganiayaan ini

  4. 26:45min –> An inflatable raft???
    Ok I must be honest: I live in canada so I know nothing about crocs…
    But seriously, it's maybe not the safest way to go on a river where crocodiles lives?

  5. We all won the human lottery to get to witness the end of it all from Australia through Asia to the Amazon from pollution and overpopulation. The roof is on fire.

  6. Man's poisoning of the air, rivers, oceans, lands, underground, animals, will culminate when everything and everyone will become sick as a result of ignoring the warnings, maybe coronavirus is a prelude to what's coming next???

  7. You don't have to be a scientist or pathologist to know that crocs & catfish have lived together for thousands of years NOW all of sudden they're dying? Obviously man made or industry is the root cause of this Krutastrophy!!!

  8. why aren't they using masks & gloves during autopsy? (T_T) The conclusion is.. humans are still the top killer.. Pollution from mining + sewage

  9. Aku pemangsa siswi mahasiswi cewek yang masih anak anak😁😁😁😆😆😆surga sih senang enak nikmat sedaap😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  10. They could've use these dead crocodile skin to make leather, so that would save an other 179 or more crocodile's life that has been killed for fashion icons and celebs.

  11. The tittle led me to believe that a monster croc was wiping out the others…..but u can imagine my disappointment that it was some bullshit disease.

  12. The only way pollution will stop is if humans disappear, as with all environmental issues in the world. Even coronavirus is just another product of human stupidity and greed.

  13. blaming the dam, when it's their own unregulated industries pouring whatever they want into the river upstream, whilst the shareholders and directors live in far off luxury and blissfull ignorance….but as it's a sytem eventually all parts will be compromised eventually even the ivory towers.

  14. millions of years are a lie! God made the earth so much more recently… check carbon dating and be real. radioactive dating is a trick..


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