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Secrets of Noah's Ark National Geographic Documentary HD

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  1. I though NG was a serious Documentary Channel. Well after seeing a few video, I am wondering if it is not becoming a kind of Science Fiction Channel. I am very disappointing.
    Taking for grounded "bbook" never proven to be true as reference make the all things very doubtful.

  2. This is the absolute ultimate rubbish, which is the result of "scolars" messing with nautical affairs. Besides that : the ARK is still situated on the slopes of Mount Ararat for the Whole World to see, its dimensions as they were described in the bible. Ron Wyatt found it, see for yourselves. How come the buckett has to be reinventet over and over agin? There is a hole in this one.

  3. According to religious historians Noahs flood occurred about the year 2350BC, there was a population of about 1000 Woolly Mammoths living on Wrangel Island, Siberia which died out at around 1650BC, only 4000 years ago, therefore there must have been some Woolly Mammoths on Noahs Ark, according to Creationists there were also Dinosaurs on the Ark. Considering that Noahs Ark was less than half the size of the Titanic and carried two or more of every type of animal that inhabits the world today, only carried eight people to feed the animals and keep the boat maintained and clean, it must have been hard work for the crew members. The flood went on for over a year before the Ark settled on dry land, have a look at the amount of food eaten by animals over a year at your average City zoo, now imagine all of those animals crowded into a space the size of a small ship, They also had Woolly Mammoths and Dinosaurs to contend with, OH PLEASE You Christians teach this bullshit to your children as fact, is it any wonder your strange Christian cult is on the decline? I could have spoken about 1000 other problems this voyage would have encountered including animals running amok and giant seas etc. etc. It just proves this fairy story is a lie, just as every other story in your little black book, called the bible is a lie.

  4. Do you know why the floods happend it's because there were terrible people and God wanted to kill them all so he tell noah to build a huge boat and put all nice people and animals on it then sale on the boat that is why Noah's ark was built

  5. Hmm, I thought this was supposed to be a national geographic documentary. But the sound editing doesn't match the scenes and the speaking dialog. The scenes and sound are about 8 minutes off from each other. Ugh! Not worth this posted video version.

  6. Based on the bible the ark is 15 feet above the highest mountain like Mt.Everest.Where did the water go?It will not dry out even in five years

  7. We are descendants of Noah based on the bible.There are only 8 person on the ark.We have blacks in africa,Chinese,American Indian and from India.Human race suppose to be almost the same look ?

  8. Thats dumb a round boat is not sea worthy. The bible has the perfect dementions we use today for barges 1:6 ration. These people are deliberately making a mockery of this story or they have no idea what they are talking about. Why not test and see if the bible version would work mmmm. Oh yeah cause these idiots think since the Babylonian story was writin first so by thier logic its the right one. False assumption not if it started out being verbaly passed down.

  9. Of course they use the mainstream version of why God had to destroy the earth with water. Its not only because there was evil everywhere on earth, It was a genetic problem. Whatever you call them aliens or fallen angels, something came down to our world and diluted or genome and mixing one species with another. It says Noah was perfect this is the same word they use to describe a red heifer with no spots in other words no genetic defects. Noah was the last pure blood human his genome and his sons genomes where untainted. Thats the real story in genesis until embarrassed priest made the story fit thier paradigm.

  10. this is so stupid. why are we even talking about round boats and trash like this. It start with Noahs ark and ends with ziggerats and sargon. good lord this is the very worst. The bible , lets talk about that and what it says. this doc is all over thr place and confusing.

  11. I always find great documentaries about the subjects I am interested in but they are only National Geographic videos controlled by the corporate media then I get sad 😞

  12. It's just incredible, how intelligent and highly educated individuals will consider and do every stupid thing possible to avoid the fact that the story of Noah's ark is a) impossible and b) a fairy story copied from earlier sources.

  13. Made unwatchable by out of synch audio-why havent you fixed it? Disliked and no chance of subscribing to unwatchable rubbish.

  14. National Geographic's ark is a joke really, instead of referring to the Bible they studied a cuneiform tablet. Their ark design would sink easily.


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