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In Shaba, all the animal species are adapted to the semi-desert climate. No one would be able to withstand the scarce seasonal rainfall if they were not real specialists in survival in arid climes.

The digestive system of the vulturine guinea fowl is specially adapted to conserve the maximum amount of water obtained from their food, so that even in the driest times on the thorny savannah, the vulturines are able to survive on their diet of roots, bulbs, insects and molluscs, drinking virtually no water.

Among the zebras of Shaba are also those best adapted to arid climates: Grevy’s zebras. Among mammals too, some necks have become elongated.
This is the next step: a gerenuk, a Somali word which means “giraffe neck”. The gerenuks are the gazelles best adapted to the desert conditions. Only the gerenuks can stand on their hind legs to reach the branches above two metres high. But on the savannah even the height of the gerenuks is insignificant compared to the highest mammal in the world.
At up to five and a half metres, the giraffes leave behind all other competitors, and can reach the tops of the acacias, where they find indispensable food reserves during the dry season. Of the eight subspecies of giraffe, the pattern of the reticulated giraffes makes them the most attractive.

With the arrival of the rains, the elephants once more return. Their four metres in height, along with the length of their trunks and their ability to stand on their hind legs means that not even the giraffes can reach so high in their search for food.

For the lions, this is the time to rest in the shade. It is too hot to even attempt the exhausting task of hunting down a herbivore, and even less if that herbivore is a powerful Cape buffalo.




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