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UK at 'worst point' as vaccine brings hope, Hancock πŸ”΄ Covid-19 Briefing @BBC News live – BBC

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock leads todays Downing Street briefing, joined by NHS England national medical director Prof Stephen Powis.

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BBC News Live | Coronavirus Press Conference | UK Government Press Briefing | BBC

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  1. I was cure from covid with the help of doctor Michael thank you so much doctor Michael for your herbs medicine you sent to me I really appreciate your help thank you !!!! my joy is back πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  2. I was cure from covid with the help of doctor Michael thank you so much doctor Michael for your herbs medicine you sent to me I really appreciate your help thank you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ my joy is back

  3. This 'mediocre' and 'arrogant' Government has got a lot wrong with the way that it has handled Covid-19 and other political issues such as The home secretary, Priti Patel, avoiding the sack, despite a Cabinet Office inquiry stating that she broke the 'Ministerial Code', and contracts being awarded to Tory Donors.

    However, I do not understand anyone who calls for a 'time scale' to ease lockdown measures and send children back to school. Covid-19 doesn't have a time scale on how long it will last or how many times it will mutate!

  4. Look… There are 1000 front line hospitals in England and Wales. There were 71,000 covid deaths (estimate but fairly accurate) in 2020. 21,000 of those were in care homes. That is 1000 hospitals with 51,000 deaths. That is less than 1 per week per hospital of extra deaths. The rest of the departments in hospitals are deserts especially A and E.. Of course, some places where people are crammed in like sardines and have been encouraged by leaders to break the rules (especially early in Dec) the figures are worst. But that means in other places figures must be much less. Also, the average hospital admissions has been less than 30,000 and the worst day 40,000 hospital beds occupied. That is just an average of 30 beds per hospital extra and we have 14 private NHS rooms in Queen Alexander Portsmouth. Consultants/Doctors please factcheck numbers and explain why my figures do not seem that bad. I have the utmost sympathy for all that have passed I am not a covid denier but are my figures right. Factcheck them.

  5. Now Hancock trying to scare the 60 year olds into getting the vaccine as this is the group they want to kill off before they realise their pensions have been stolen. Stay healthy bbaby boomers, less sugar, Vit D and Vit C with zinc will protect you immune system.

  6. I am a researcher and entrepreneur. covid-19 is not an infectious disease.

  7. Here we go ago, covering up mismanagement. Respect for getting a supplier to provide you with a product by paying for it (didn't know you could do that). Respect for getting medical staff to administer the product (must have been difficult). But when it comes to the part THEY are directly involved in (distribution & management), yet another balls up.

  8. My mate took his neighbour for a covid test today. He is a taxi driver.his photo was taken.and his reg was taken. His neighbours photo was taken too.can anyone explain why??

  9. God knows what they are killing people with. There is no evidence viruses have ever cause a disease. There is no virus! Stop the lies! How can viruses who are not alive mutate. The big lie of the demonic pharmaceutical industry is coming out and the scam shall be exposed and debunked! Repent people and turn to God through Jesus. The church"s modern medicine is a religion believed by the majority of the world, nothing to do with science, yet imposed upon the masses through endocrination.
    Wake up people

  10. Think of number then another number then exponentially multiply it, that is the lie of the virus, the more they shout about the less real it seems, we are all treated with utter contempt.

  11. Comon UK! Will people grow up and start taking responsibility! Even now they refuse to wear masks! You only have yourselves to blame! A country that blames the government because you're a bunch of spoilt brats! What a joke!!!

  12. Each Jab saves lives ???? For What is it the brazilian covid of covid variant? Or South africain ?? Im confused next Will be the supermarket variant ?


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