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Work Experience – Live at the Apollo – Episode 3 – BBC One

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Kevin Bridges host of the third episode in the new series of Live at the Apollo, shares his thoughts on the welfare to work scheme.

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  1. Then if there's work there to be done give these kids a job and pay them a wage instead of having the taxpayer subsidise private industry.

    You answered this/your own point anyway regarding cutting my grass when saying take someone on and give them skills which is exactly what these private companies can do anyway and pay them a wage at the same time whilst doing so.

    Stacking shelves at Poundland isn't exactly teaching them much either.

  2. I'm sure someone from Blockbusters, Comet, Jessops or HMV will find it helps to have that experience on their CV as opposed to a kid having just left school with no retail experience when they all go for the same job.

  3. So it's not the taxpayer subsidising private businesses where they get the benefit of the work done & the rest of us pick up the tab? If private businesses can find work to be done for someone on benefits & lets the taxpayer pay for it then they can find enough work to give them a job paying a wage so that person can pay tax & NI contributions.

    I'm self-employed so can I get someone on JSA to run my clothes to the cleaners, do my housework, cut my grass & then I send the bill to the taxpayer?

  4. i know how you feel, i was even on jobseekers allowance for nearly half a year.

    and im sure people would be turned off from it, but volunteering is the best way to go, cos it shows employers that if you're willing to work for free, then you'll work even harder if you're paid

    and this year, i had a paid job at the olympics, so its just about perseverance and patience

  5. Not necessarily- you can gain lots of work experience through volunteering πŸ™‚ It worked for me. I'd just avoid Poundstretchers tho.

  6. I didn't assume that you were unemployed. I apologise if that's how my comment came across. A lot of skilled jobs require a degree, and during the 3rd year of my degree, I'll be on a work placement for a year, for a far smaller salary than others in the field. If one wants work experience, they should be prepared to work for a reduced rate, as they are still benefiting hugely. As you said, I can only speak for me, but the system did work.

  7. From your comment, I assume you think I'm unemployed – I'm not. It's easier to blame the system because it's TRUE. In fairness, I'm thinking more of skill-specific jobs, your employer is basically looking for an experienced worker, someone they don't have to train up. Speaking from personal experience here, I have 4 A-Levels and was looking for a job for 8 months, hundreds of applications that ended up with me working a local food retailer – I can only speak for me, but the system didn't work.

  8. You don't need work experience to get a job at a retail store. That'll count as work experience when you apply for a better job. It's just a lot easier to blame the system than it is to look for a job.

  9. The vicious cycle of work experience = "Sorry, we can't give you a job, you haven't got any work experience. How are you meant to some work experience? Get a job of course"


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